An American company with worldwide operations, PayPal is an online payment system. Dissimilar from checks and money orders, PayPal is an online money transfer, serving as electronic options. PayPal is perhaps the largest payment company online. They have done this as they receive and process vendors’ online payments. PayPal accomplishes these through auction sites as well as commercial users. Notably, they charge transaction fees.

PayPal began its initial public offering or IPO in 2002, just 4 years after it was created. In late 2002, it was owned completely by eBay. By 2014, PayPal processed USD 228 billion from 26 countries and more than 190 countries, with the company earning USD 7.9 billion. It should be noted that 44% of the profits from PayPal was from eBay. By 2014, eBay announced PayPal’s independence from eBay when the middle of 2015 hits. PayPal’s independence from eBay started on July 18, 2015.

By 2015, PayPal began its operations once again in 203 markets, coming from 159 million active and registered users. These consumers that each have a PayPal login, the organization ensures that customers are able to send and receive funds in 26 currencies.

The services of PayPal allows consumers to conduct financial transactions online by enabling them to perform fund transfers via an electronic method for both business and personal use. Whenever consumers use PayPal, they can receive and send payments via online auctions (like that in eBay). Customers can buy and sell goods and services, even donate and receive money. It should be noted that a PayPal account is not necessary to use the services of PayPal.

If you would like to get a login, we would like to let you know it is quite simple when you follow the next processes. With these steps, you can get a PayPal account login.

(1) On the address bar of your web browser, put in

paypal login

(2) On the upper right portion of the PayPal website, click the gray colored “Log In” button/link.

paypal login my account

(3) Type your Email address and Password in the fields that you find. Afterwards, click the blue colored “Log In” button/link. You will have access to the login. login

(4) When it occurs that you do not remember your email or password, click the blue hyperlink, “Forgot your email address or password?” You can find this right below your PayPal login my account blue button. login

(5) Afterwards, you will see the following page that will ask a few questions on your login problem. Choose either “don’t know what email address I used,” “don’t know either one,” or “don’t know my password.” Next, type the code you see, establishing you’re not a robot. Then, click the yellow “Continue” button/link. The next step depends on your initial selection.

paypal account

In August of 2009, PayPal started Student Account. Targeting teenagers, this allows parents to set up an account for their kids. In this manner, parents can deposit money in their children’s bank accounts and their children can get the money through a debit card. This program from PayPal provides its students the required tools needed for fiscal responsibility and management.

In November of 2009, PayPal began a platform to provide connected services by using access codes through infrastructure that already exists so it is possible for peer online transactions.

Acquired by PayPal in 2008, Bill Me Later is an online credit product. Rebranded later on to PayPal Credit, it offers services to individuals who can lend by using PayPal credit accounts. This is coursed through Comenity Capital Bank. Created in 2000, this was purchased by eBay in 2008 and made into an official PayPal organization when it moved to Maryland. With offices in California and Arizona, buyers can get a revolving line of quick online credit. PayPal allows consumers to perform their online shopping, just like when people go online shopping with a credit card. Using PayPal Credit, PayPal can be used anywhere it is accepted.

Application to PayPal can be accomplished via Google Play or the App Store. When PayPal acquire Braintree, PayPal began its services of One Touch. This allows people to purchase with one touch. It depends on the merchant applications.

In November 28, 2001, PayPal had high records in Black Friday of mobile engagement. Specifically, it was a 538% increase in mobile payment, as compared to the Black Friday in 2010.

By 2012, PayPal Here started. A mobile payment system, PayPal Here’s target are small businesses. It is a free mobile application that has a small card reader that can be connected to a smartphone.

In 2013, PayPal started to update its application on iOS and Android plus other capabilities. This guarantees that consumers can search for restaurants in their area and also shop utilizing PayPal payments, complete fast orders for vendors